Volvo 9700

General information

Volvo 9700 - A well-equipped coach

The emphasize in our buses is on both the passenger’s and the driver`s comfort. The Volvo 9700 bus has been awarded with the Coach of The Year award. The good qualities for the passengers were emphasized in the selection criteria. These qualities included among other things the sloping floor, which has a theatre-style seating layout and large windows. These qualities guarantee that you have a good view from where ever you are sitting. Good seats and safety belts guarantee the comfort and the safety of the passenger. Also the driver enjoys the comfortable seat and sufficient space.

We build buses of three different heights. The models are 9700 S, 9700 H and 9700 HD. The bus can be constructed on Volvo B8R or B11R chassis depending on its purpose of use, and the length of the bus can vary between 10,7m and 15m.

Volvo 9700