Ambulance Buses

Ambulance buses are designed and equipped for non-urgent patient transports between hospitals, health centers and other healthcare facilities. The layout and the equipment of the bus is designed together with local healthcare authorities to meet special requirements of each area and customer. Needs of both patients and health personnel are taken into account during the design process.

Example of Layout & Equipment

  • Wheelchair lift
  • Partition wall with door to separate front and rear parts of the bus
  • The front part for patients in good condition and for healthy persons
  • The rear part of the bus for patients travelling on stretchers or wheelchairs and for patients needing more care
  • Rails and fasteners for stretchers and wheelchairs
  • Comfort chairs, which can be electrically adjustable
  • Normal passenger seats, which can be equipped with quick removable system
  • Handicap toilet
  • Desk for health personnel
  • Kitchen
  • Storage room (large closets) inside the bus
  • Oxygen system inside the bus to provide medical oxygen for patients
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