The History of Carrus Delta

Building bus bodies since 1935


  • 1935 Autokori Oy – Turku is founded
  • 1973 Autokori Oy moves their operations to Lieto. Their subsidiary Oy Delta Plan Ab is founded
  • 1982 Ajokki Oy buys Delta Plan Oy, Erikoiskori Oy and Kiitokori Oy. Together, these companies form Ajokki Group
  • 1986 Wiima Oy owner Ilmari Mustonen purchases Ajokki Group
  • 1989 Ajokki Group – changes its name to Carrus Oy
  • 1998 Volvo Bus Corporation purchases Carrus Oy
  • 2004 Carrus Oy changes its name to Volvo Bus Finland Oy
  • 2008 The company operations are transferred back to Finnish ownership. The company is named Carrus Delta Oy.
  • 2022 The ownership of Carrus Delta is transferred within the company, when persons already working in management positions in the company buy the company’s entire stock

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Throughout history, the factory has moved and the company has been known by many different names but the production continues to this day. By clicking on the link underneath you can read the complete history, where we step further back to learn more about the early roots of Carrus Delta.

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A Glimpse Back in Time

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. View the latest display of historic photographs from our company archives, where we look back at the 80 year long history of Carrus Delta.