Product Flashes

On this website we collect, share and showcase information about different Volvo 9700 solutions. Take a look through the solutions below.

Ambulance Buses


  • Wheelchair lift
  • Partition wall with door to separate front and rear parts of the bus
  • The front part for patients in good condition and for healthy persons
  • The rear part of the bus for patients travelling on stretchers or wheelchairs and for patients needing more care
  • Rails and fasteners for stretchers and wheelchairs
  • Comfort chairs, which can be electrically adjustable
  • Normal passenger seats, which can be equipped with quick removable system
  • Handicap toilet
  • Desk for health personnel
  • Kitchen
  • Storage room (large closets) inside the bus
  • Oxygen system inside the bus to provide medical oxygen for patients

VIP / Conference Buses


  • Large sitting group with conference table in the rear part of the bus (max. 10 persons)
  • Star ceiling lighting (LED) above the conference table
  • Additional four person sitting groups with tables in any part of the bus
  • Kitchen solutions according to customer wishes: Coffee machine, espresso machine, fridge, hot water etc.
  • Several monitors with laptop/tablet connection
  • Wireless internet connection